Community Survey

  What is your MAIN means of transport for each of the following?
  Journeys less than 3 miles   Journeys 3 - 24 miles   Journeys 25 miles plus  
  Driving my own car      
  Have a lift in someone else's car      
  On foot      


  Do you use the train service to/from Fishguard and Goodwick? (please tick only one)




  Please indicate how frequently you use this train service? (please tick only one)


  Please rate the following aspects of the current train service (please tick only one against each)
  Excellent   Good   Neither   Poor   Very poor  
  Provision of information          
  Frequency of trains          
  Reliability of service          
  Suitability of early/late train times          
  Price of tickets          
  Helpfulness of staff          
  Comfort of trains          
  Cleanliness of trains          
  Ease of using stations          
  Station facilities          


  When using the train service, what is your MAIN reason for doing so? (please tick only one)


  Would you say that, since September 2011, your use of the train service has (please tick only one)


  Please indicate to what extent you agree or disagree with the following statements about the enhanced train service that has been in place since September 2011 (please tick only one against each)
  Strongly Agree   Agree   Neither   Disagree   Strongly Disagree  
  Socially, I have been able to get out and about more          
  It has helped me in money terms (with work, education etc)          
  It has had no affect on me          


  Please indicate if the following changes to the current service would encourage you to use it more (please tick only one against each)
  Yes, I would use it more   Wouldn't make any difference   No, I would use it less  
  Mid-afternoon service to/from Fishguard & Goodwick      
  Later evening service, avoiding change at Clarbeston Road      
  Regular 3 hourly service from Fishguard & Goodwick throughout the day      
  A service from Fishguard which arrived in Carmarthen by 8.45 (rather than 8.57)      


About you

  Are you responding on behalf of a local organisation? (please tick only one)


  Are you? (please tick only one)
  Are you (please tick only one)
  Are your day to day activities limited because of a health problem or disability which has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months? (please tick only one)
  Which of the following best describes your current situation? (please tick only one)


  Are you a resident of the UK? (please tick only one)




Thank you for your time

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